Francis’  signature corporate programs are:

 · Five Mindsets For Successful Fitness

 · How To Perform Well Under Pressure

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  • Casey Szewc, Schaumburg, Il
    "Francis if a very dynamic, entertaining, and a motivational speaker and author.  His message of health and wellness is so powerful that it will have you ready to commit towards a path of increasing your energy level and improve your overall well-being."  
    Casey Szewc
    Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Kenneth Duffus, ArcTerra Consulting
    “I have had the opportunity and privilege to listen to Francis in front of audiences from a few hundred to over 1000. He is a highly motivated and inspirational speaker that can be engaging, inspiring and humorous all while teaching basic life changing principals. As a company owner I would highly recommend considering him for any company event that is looking to engage and enrich their employees enabling them to be more efficient and effective in their jobs and lives.“
    Testimonial: Kenneth Duffus
    President, Arcterra Consulting, Inc,, Anchorage, Alaska
  • keynoteSpeakerBG
    “Francis Papineau is an incredible gentleman. He is a successful published author of Success Breakthroughs with Jack Canfield. He is a phenomenal fitness expert, he is a therapist and he helps people recover from physical issues. I highly recommend that you visit his website at”
    Testimonial: Captain Nancy D. Davis
    Captain at Delta Airlines Atlanta, GA
  • keynoteSpeakerBG
    “Francis Papineau is a regular speaker at our events, and every time he kills it! He has a great connection with the audience.”
    Testimonial: Corey Wood
    South Jordan, Utah
  • Victor Perazzoli Testimonial Image
    This weekend I had the pleasure of listening to Francis deliver a presentation to an audience of more than 1000 people. I really enjoyed Francis’ style because he made the topic very interesting, easy to understand, and used humor in the delivery. At the end, myself and the audience came away with top notch education and we were well entertained through the story. But most importantly, we are now motivated to go out and take action with a new tool that we understand very well.
    Victor Perazzoli
    Houston, TX
  • Rich B Junod Testimonial Image
    It is my pleasure to give a recommendation for Francis Papineau. I have witnessed Francis speak on multiple occasions in front of hundreds of people. Francis was able to explain complicated topics in language that was easy to understand. In addition, the crowd was engaged because Francis was friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and energetic. I would highly recommend inviting Francis to speak at your event.
    Richard Junod
    Philadelphia, PA

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